Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Visiting Gateshead's energy-from-waste plant

Energy from Waste plant Stockton Oct 16 (4)

I had a site visit this morning to the Campground waste transfer site in Gateshead and then the energy-from-waste plant in Stockton which converts Gateshead's non-recyclable waste. The contents of the borough's general waste wheelie bins goes to Campground where it is prepared for shipment to Stockton. Once at the energy-from-waste plant, it is burnt in a furnace at 1100C and the heat is used to super heat water which powers the turbines. The electricity is then sold on to the National Grid.

This is an ultra modern plant, opened less that 2 years ago. The resulting ash is made into breeze blocks and construction materials. Any metals in the ash are extracted for recycling. It's quite an impressive system but a visit to the plant also highlights just how wasteful modern society is.

Energy from Waste plant Stockton Oct 16 (2)

Energy from Waste plant Stockton Oct 16 (3)

Campground Oct 16 (2)

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