Saturday, October 15, 2016

Unveiling the Fugar information panel

Fugar information panel unveiling Oct 16 (4)

I have been helping to run a project with the Sunniside History Society about the Fugar/Washingwell area in my ward in Gateshead. There are thee parts to the project: 1269 to modern day, the Roman period and the restoration of the derelict historic orchard at Fugar. We are still on part one of the project though it is nearing completion with the installation of an information panel about Fugar House which was demolished in the early 1950s. The unveiling of the panel took place this morning, Saturday 15th October, by the Mayor, Cllr Allison Thompson.

Fugar information panel unveiling Oct 16 (9)

My role was to be the medieval catering chef for the event. I made a big pan of medieval pottage. I tried to make it as close as possible to how pottage would have been made in the 13th century. It contained pigeon, rabbit, squirrel, pheasant, beans, cabbage, onions and half a nutmeg. I brought it to the event ready made in one of our large catering pans wrapped in a duvet in the back of our Defender. Attendees seemed to like it!

Fugar information panel unveiling Oct 16 (1)

Fugar information panel unveiling Oct 16 (2)

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