Thursday, November 03, 2016

The battle for Parliamentary Sovereignty

Britain Stronger in Europe banner June 16

In the thick fog that was the Brexit message during the referendum, some Brexiteers argued that we needed to re-establish Parliamentary sovereignty. Today's court judgement that Parliament, not the Government, has the power to trigger Article 50, should be welcomed by those who argued the Leave case. Yet they are doing the opposite. They are horrified by the ruling that triggering Article 50 is for Parliament, not the Government.

It seems daft, and a waste of public money, to appeal to the Supreme Court. We have a constitutional system and representative democracy. The court case today was not about Brexit, it was about where constitutional powers lie. Parliament should therefore trigger Article 50. Given that most Tories and probably a significant part of the Labour party will vote to trigger, there will be no serious likelihood that Brexit will be blocked.

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