Monday, July 10, 2017

Blue light and siren

I thought when Dad died in May, I wouldn't be visiting the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead for a while to come. How wrong I was. A friend who has been in poor health has been staying with us recently to help him recover. Last week he deteriorated significantly. On Friday, I called the 111 service and by the end of the call, an ambulance had been ordered. I went with the ambulance to the QE Hospital, blue lights flashing and siren sounding. I spent four hours supporting my friend on the emergency assessment ward but at 10.30pm I returned home. It now looks like I will be visiting the QE every day for some time to come.


nigel hunter said...

This is what friends are for. The death of you father was traumatic whether you knew it was coming or not. It is possible that your friends situation is to help you cope with the aftermath Condolences to you and admiration for supporting your friend. You are a gem.

Anonymous said...

Yes.Agreed. Jonathan you're an example for many of us to follow. You inspired me to quit my job last Feb and to live on my own terms. Which reminds me, it's about 9 yrs now since you left London. Your blog was in July so if you don't mind I'd like to say happy anniversary. Actually to you and David since you're in this venture together.