Monday, July 31, 2017

Electrifying contraditions

The government recently announced plans to end the production and sale of petrol and diesel powered cars in the UK by 2040. We are going electric. Good news, even if it is just a catch up by the UK on other European countries. The next 23 years will need to be spent shifting the country from the internal combustion engine to electric powered vehicles. Whether or not the Tory DUP government actually ensures that happens is still to be seen. I still have memories of the Tories attacking the Lib Dems in the Coalition for pushing "green crap".

Then along came news that the government has, in effect abandoned plans to electrify the whole of the rail route from Newcastle to Liverpool. Apparently, there are trains, they claim, that will be able to run on both electrified tracks and those carrying diesel trains. This is something of a contradiction. The Tories are suggesting electric cars are better for the environment but that trains that pollute because they are powered by diesel can continue. Where is the consistency in that?

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nigel hunter said...

The 2040 bit, straight out of Lib Dem green Manifesto 2014(even mentioned in the daily fail at the time).Due to them binning the 'green crap' we have lost 3 years where we could have moved forward quicker. However the 'green crap' should be accelerated 'cos we will need the electricity to carry out OUR plan.

On Brexit. Is it possible that it gets watered down so much that we leave the EU in name only?
Then comes a referendum or election on the issue to get the big 2 off the hook?