Friday, December 08, 2006

Another Conservative Councillor joins the Lib Dems

Crawley is about to spoil Cameron's week. When he should be celebrating a year of achievement as head of the Conservatives (well I say achievement but it was tongue in cheek) I can reveal that the Conservatives have lost control of Crawley Council following the decision of Councillor Marcella Head to defect from the Conservatives. I have from the train (I'm heading to Newcastle now) just spoken to her to welcome her as a member.

With the Conservatives losing overall control of Crawley, that brings to two lost councils in 2 weeks. To lose one is careless, to lose 2 is........

The other one was Dover if you haven't seen the story already.

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Liberal Legend said...

Shouldn't that be defect to the Liberal Democrats?

Jonathan Wallace said...

Errrr, yes. Well done Toby for spotting the deliverate mistake. That's what happens when you rush a blog entry whilst sitting on a crowded train!

Jonathan Wallace said...

I had better change the entry!