Monday, December 04, 2006

November's by-election results analysed

November 2006 saw the Liberal Democrats make the most gains in local council by-elections, ahead of the Conservatives. Labour had a net loss though the Independents were the biggest losers. The Liberal Democrats made gains in widely differing areas of the country, from inner city Newcastle upon Tyne to rural Wiltshire to urban Redbridge in North London. Meanwhile, the Conservatives failed to pick up any seats from Labour, all of whose losses were to the Liberal Democrats.

Election results net changes

Liberal Democrats 6
Conservatives 4
Labour -3
Independent/others -7

The fly in the ointment was the two Lib Dem losses to the Conservatives, though we gained one from them as well. Ironically the gain from the Conservatives was in Havant at the start of the month and one of the losses was in the same Council on Thursday 30th. The other loss to the Conservatives was in Stratford.


Tristan said...

What was the status of the Independents? I know there's a habit of Tories to stand as Independents and then simply vote with the Tories in some areas...
Did we gain seats from such people?

Jonathan Wallace said...

We don't have enough information to give a specific answer about whether or not they were Tories in disguise. Nevertheless, we won three seats from the Indies. The most gains we made however were from Labour - 4 seats in total and no losses to them.