Saturday, December 30, 2006

This is why trains are much better

We have been caught in a traffic jam for the last hour on the A1. We have now been diverted off the road near Peterborough by the police who have closed off a whole section of the A1. So goodness knows when we will get to London.

It simply briings home the message that travelling by train is so much easier than car for long distances. Though people like to make jokes about trains, on the East Coast we have a reasonable service through GNER. There is plenty of room for improvement but that will have to come about through investing in the infrastructure which is far from perfect.

Mind you, what happens on the East Coast line in the near future is a sore point. GNER's parent company has gone belly up and the rail franchise is up for grabs again. Basically the system is designed so that the government can milk as much cash from the East Coast line as possible.

Anyway, we are lost somewhere in Peterborough now!
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