Friday, December 22, 2006

The loves and hates of Xmas shopping

Well, I did the Xmas shopping last night. I survived to tell the tale! I have a bit left to do tomorrow but here are my loves and hates of Xmas shopping.

The hates
  1. Hamleys toy shop
  2. Queues for tills
  3. Couples joined at the hip walking aimlessly along the pavement
  4. Groups of men (normal 4 men together) walking side by side along the pavement
  5. Spending money
  6. People who walk into you because they are concentrating on sending text messages
  7. People standing in busy doorways having conversations
  8. Leaving the shopping list at work!
  9. staff with bubble guns at Hamleys
  10. Knowing what you buy will be cheaper in a few days' time.

The loves

  1. Hamleys toy shop
  2. Bringing Richard along (he can carry everything)
  3. Bringing happiness to my 3 year old niece. She'll love the wrapping paper and packaging even if she thinks the presents are a waste of time
  4. finishing by 8pm
  5. realizing my memory is still up to it after forgetting to bring the shopping list
  6. Kitchen department of John Lewis - an easy and quick source for present for family members for whom you haven't a clue what to get
  7. err - that's it!

I'm back in the flat now after a very productive day at Cowley St. Got 2 email newsletters out to residents of Gateshead today so a few thousand people will be enjoying my words over the next few days. I'm not returning to Gateshead tonight. As it's Christmas, I'm taking it at a leisurely pace. I'm going up tomorrow afternoon. Thank goodness I'm environmentally sensible and opt for rail rather than air travel. Had I gone for the latter, I think I would have been spending a bleak Xmas in London!

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Norfolk Blogger said...

I hate idiots who walk four a breast across a whole path way, forcing you to step in to the road.

Then there are the fools who in a busy area, suddenly stop dead, meaning you have to either walk in to them or walk in to someone else.

And the ones I really loathe are those who either have a conversation on some steps, forcing you to stop of who suddenly hold a conversation walking in to a shop and, again, stop.

Happy Christmas !