Wednesday, December 06, 2006

That looks familiar

When I came down to London on Monday from the North East, I got started on a new product I had suggested the Political Communications Unit should produce. This is a monthly analysis of the council by-elections with ready made news releases and articles for members' newsletters. All you have to do is slot in your name and local party and where appropriate, a paragraph about your local circumstances.

The rather simple idea behind it is to give Lib Dem campaigners some off the peg material that can be quickly turned into something that can be used on the ground. The fewer hurdles to producing this stuff, the better.

So I was rather pleased this evening to have found that members have already started to use the material. It was only sent out on Tuesday evening (to the Daily Bulletin circulation list). I spotted it in someone's publication whilst doing some work on the internet and thought, "That looks familiar!" Keep using it please!

I have also just finished the draft of the next Parliamentary Campaigner. I have increased the amount of ready to use content of that as well.

My next publication is my Blaydon email newsletter eFocus - this is the version for the northern half of the constituency. I'll work on it in the flat tonight. The guy from Lib Dem Calling has just walked into my office here in Cowley Street to tell me he's locking up the building in a few minutes. So I will have to leave shortly!

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