Sunday, March 18, 2007

Am I a magnet for smoke?

Last night before I left London to come home to Gateshead I met up for a meal with Richard. Why do people feel the urge to light up their cigarettes in the middle of a busy restaurant? And why is it that I always seem to be at the next table to them? Notice how they hold their arms out so that their cigarettes are not wafting smoke across themselves. So why is is that they have to hold their cigarretes in my direction? And then to cap it all, why does cigarette smoke always home in on me? Have I got some kind of cigarette smoke homing beacon on my head or am I just a magnet for smoke?

We ended up having to move table. I am so looking forward to when the liberalisation of clean air comes in and we don't have to put up with smoke polluted enclosed spaces.

Thankfully, GNER trains are now smoke free zones (except when people use the toilets as smoking rooms or when people travel in the vestibules on the old 125s with the windows wide open.) Coach A was always for smokers. Which meant coach B stank of smoke. Thankfully we can breath on the trains now.

Enough ranting for tonight. It's 12.46am and I'm off to bed!

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