Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm knackered!

My plan today was to whiz down to the office, print a load of focus leaflets (along with the crime survey - if you haven't used it yet shame on you!) then deliver a couple of patches in our key defence ward of Dunston Hill and Whickham East.

But then, on 9.30am Yvonne McNicol, our councillor for the ward, sent through some changes to the Focus. So I redid the Focus (actually Focuses - we rarely do ward wide Focuses now, we do estate and village based ones instead), then dragged David down to the office to help print, fold and count them into patches. We were finished at about 1pm but by then the snow was falling.

Difficult decision - should we wait before heading off to the ward to deliver or should we go home and have a bacon buttie (the latter won). Fortunately, by the time I have finished consuming my grilled wafer thin strips of pig, the sun was shining. So, David and I headed out and delivered 800 leaflets between us, then dropped off the bundles at our leafletters as well.

Frankly I feel knackered though after getting home I then had to visit a constituent who lives, fortunately, one minute's walk from my house.

I still have a Focus to write tonight. (It may have to wait 24hrs).

Expect more local videos from me soon. I went to Newcastle yesterday to film a demo by Newcastle Lib Dem students about the cap being lifted on student fees. I decided not to appear in this one but gave it to Ron Beadle to front instead. He is a Gateshead Councillor but is candidate for Newcastle North, one of our top targets in the North East. Video done in one take! I'll put it up on YouTube soon.

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