Friday, March 30, 2007

Beating the Tories 11 to 10

The Conservatives have been making, or attempting to make, a story out of 10 Lib Dem councillors defecting to them since Cameron took the helm of the Tory ship.

So I had a phone call from from Lib Dem Communications Director John Oates asking me for the figures of councillor defections going the other way. The answer I came up with was 11 going over to the Lib Dems since September 2005 when the Tory leadership contest started. One was a former councillor but nevertheless prominent in his area. Two defections cost the Conservatives control of the authority in question.

If you want the full details of who they are, you need to be on the daily bulletin circulation list. George Crozier added it to the round up today.

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Apollo Project said...

Yes - but why was CCHQ able to publish this non-story (for example in the Independent, to which I repsonded with a rebuttal letter not (yet?) published)? what has happened to our response?

DaveSmith said...

Beacuse nobody cares what you think?

George Dutton said...

"The Conservatives have been making, or attempting to make, a story out of 10 Lib Dem councillors defecting to them since Cameron took the helm of the Tory ship."

And has the cause of this mental illness been found Jonathan?.

George Dutton said...

Theresa May Shadow Leader of the House said...

"People think the Conservative party are the NASTY party."

For one awful moment I thought I agreed with a Tory then I realised she had said NASTY and I thought she had said Nazi.

George Dutton said...

We should also remind the voters that Trident has yet to be paid for and were that money has to come from over the next few years.Apart from the cuts New Labour/Tories/Lib Dems plan to make to the social structure of socity i.e. schools, hospitals and housing, pensions, health care.After they have done all that there is still a VAST amount of money to be found and YES it will come from there pockets.

George Dutton said...

It should be noted that the Tory party would not elected Ken Clarke as leader in the Tory leadership election as he was thought off as a mild socialist by the Tory party.Ken Clarke was Thatcher`s right wing chancellor of the exchequer all of her Cabinet were right wing as we all know to our COST.

So what does that tell us about the Tory party it is an Ultra Extrame Right Wing party it has to be as the Tory party knew when voting for David Cameron that Ken Clarke was...

"But opinion polls suggest Ken Clarke is the most popular Conservative politician with the British people at large."

David Cameron say`s he will bring the Tory party back to the centre ground off British politics but we do know he wrote the Conservative manifesto for the 2005 general election.That manifesto was said by many to be one of the most Right Wing document`s they had ever seen ask Ming Campbell (he said it) himself a Right Wing politician.

David Cameron is so far to the RIGHT he would not see the centre ground off British politics if he were looking through the Hubble Telescope.

George Dutton said...

I always thought that the spillting up of the UK was a bad thing when the aim should be towards a socialist world government.The EU does hold out some hope of eventully getting a European government?.It follows that in time we stand a better chance of achieving a world government.
It all changed for me in the year 2000 while watching the Conservative party conference on television.I can only tell it as it happened...Outside the conference hall two members of the Conservative party stood waiting to be interviewed (they were not MP`s but were high up`s in the party) there were asked "What is the big talking point on the floor of this years conference the reply floored me this is what they said...

"It is clear that people don`t know how to use there vote.We left this country in the best economical state it has ever been in and now Labour will ruin it all.The big talking point on the floor is who should be allowed to vote should it be done on academic achievement or given to those who create the wealth or a combination of the two." The other one concurred.

Please note it seems the decision to take the vote away from us had already been decided.

Given that nothing happens on the floor of Conservative party conference without being instgated from above should frighting anyone that cares about democracy.The video of this must still be available in the archives of the BBC/Sky.Why I wonder are the Conservative party getting there members ready for a fascist state.After watching the documentary of what nearly happened to Harold Wilson`s government it becomes even more frightening.I now hope that Scotland gains it`s independence VERY soon.

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