Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Sardine Express

Well, would you believe it!? Trains from Harrogate to York are cancelled. So we have to go back to London via Leeds (I'm not going home tonight but instead I'm heading for London). So the local train to Leeds - I'm on it now - is heaving. The Sardine Express. Made all the more exciting by being a short train.

Well, conference is now over and it was a good one. Ming spoke well and as usual I joined the rugby scrum of photographers around him at the end. Politically it was a good conference with the nonsense of the Trident amendment thrown out. The 2 photo ops I put on were successful and it is likely that we will repeat this format in the future.

It could have been so much different if the Trident amendment had been carried. Whilst the oppositionists would have had their pyhirric victory, we would have been torn to shreds by the media. Sanity fortunately, prevailed.
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