Thursday, March 22, 2007

Just done TTTV "On the House"

I've just got back from the Millbank Studios having done Tyne Tees TV's "On the House". I was on with Peter Atkinson, Conservative MP who beat me for Hexham back in 1992, and Helen Goodman, Labour MP for Bishop Auckland, who I haven't met before. As you would expect, we discussed the budget.

I had a very useful briefing on the budget from those very nice people in the Political Communications Unit of Cowley Street!

At the end, TTTV offered to send me a video of the programme. "Could I put it on YouTube?" I asked, explaining that I do an email newsletter to nearly 3000 constituents and I put links on to videos. "We've never been asked that before!" was the reply. They'll check it out and let me know.

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