Friday, March 23, 2007

Are there 2 Dave Andersons representing Blaydon?

Does Blaydon constituency have two different MPs who just both happen to be called Dave Anderson?

The reason I ask is that Blaydon MP Mr Dave Anderson, on 15th March, demanded in the House of Commons that there should be an “urgent debate” on the failure of his own government to pay nurses the 2.5% pay rise they have been awarded in Scotland. Nurses, he said, were “incensed” by the lower pay award in England.

But then on 22nd March, Mr Anderson, in the House of Commons, proudly announces that “nurses are finally getting paid the money that they should be paid” despite the government not shifting at all on the below inflation pay rise.

I find it hard to believe that one person can come up with such differing views in the space of a week. Could both Mr Andersons therefore get together and come up with a more consistent approach to representing Blaydon?


Linda said...

Is it that when you become a Labour MP you cross some kind of "events horizon"?

George Dutton said...

Does`nt the MP for Tyne Bridge live in Blaydon?. Well you can`t blame him the mess he`s got Dunston into (his former home).