Monday, April 09, 2007

Another Hello style photo shoot - at my niece's birthday party

Seeing as so many Lib Dem Blogs readers took such a shine to my last photo invasion of someone else's home, here's another exclusive Hello style spread of what I got up to yesterday, in the privacy of my sister's house in Newcastle. Yes, I took time out from writing and delivering Focus leaflets to celebrate my neice Lily's 4th birthday.

Andrew, my older brother, decided to adopt my camera for the afternoon so yet again, I appear in the pick of the pics. (Just in case anyone thought I was letting the side down by doing no Lib Dem related work yesterday, I did deliver 150 leaflets in Blaydon ward in the morning!)
2 Davids and a Jonathan: Dad, me and David enjoy the five minutes of direct sunshine we had yesterday in the garden.
Matthew cuts the cake for Lily (and later helps to eat it).
If it moves, get it on camera. I use my Nisis video camera to catch Lily opening all those lovely presents.

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