Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tales from the campaign trail no 2

When is an old school a new school? Well, according to the Labour party on my patch in Gateshead, it's when it's a cafeteria!

Whickham School (my old comprehensive) which serves as the secondary school for most of the kids in my ward, is a very successful school which has to endure worn out buildings, many of which are not in the best of shape. General agreement is that a new school is needed.

Previously the school has been allowed only very minimal investment to keep its existing buildings ticking over. The government have now allowed £1 million to be used to renovate the cafeteria facilities and build a new classroom block. Work is expected to take place over the next two years.

And how are Labour spinning this message in the wards we hold? - that there is to be a new replacement school built this year!

Since this has not been agreed, it has left me with the fortunate problem of helpfully explaining to residents that Labour's spin story is misleading, inaccurate, distorted and frankly untrue.

And it appears they will say absolutely anything to get elected on our patch. Helpfully, I am making sure all my constituents know that as well!

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