Friday, April 20, 2007

Labour make themselves interesting by quoting me

Readers of this blog may recall that last week I wrote a post that said Labour's leaflets were continuing a tradition of being dull, dreary and boring in Gateshead. Well, now they are attempting to brighten up their otherwise tedious trash by quoting the blog of a certain, ahem, Jonathan Wallace.

They decided to quote a remark I made that was complimentary about Labour Councillor Frank Donovan. I said words to the effect of he is a decent bloke. The fact is he is a decent bloke. It's just his party is a pile of something nasty on the ground that you wouldn't want to step in and some of his party colleagues are, well let's put it politely, not the sort of people I would want to share a train carriage with (or indeed anything else!) Let's just say I don't suffer fools, desparate wannabees and nonentities gladly.

What was bizarre though was that the leaflet simply quotes my comments without attributing them to anyone other than a "senior" local Lib Dem (please note I am aware of the leaflet 2nd hand - it was read out to me over the phone this evening. And we both fell off our seats laughing about it!)

So watch this space for more quotes by me about Labour appearing in Labour leaflets. I am especially looking forward to their using the one about them being a pile of something you wouldn't want to step in!

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George Dutton said...

Jonathan wrote...

"I am especially looking forward to their using the one about them being a pile of something you wouldn't want to step in!"

You mean manure Jonathan, it is good for roses hence New Labours emblem of a red rose. No wonder it always looks well fed, being in New Labour it gets nothing but manure. The problem is New Labour think we the people are roses for that is all we ever get from them. New Labour have an Inexhaustible Supply of the stuff.

mr said...

Read these and then decide who's nasty!!,,2061694,00.html

George Dutton said...

mr said...

"Read these and then decide who's nasty!!"

You don`t have to read newspapers OR other peoples opinions to see what New Labour have done. LOOK around you,where you live,what you have to face everyday of your life. They DON`T care about we the people in anyway, they have proven what I have said over the last TEN long years. New Labour are in politics for just one reason, themselves and what they can get out of it for themselves.

mr said...,,2018201,00.html,,2018204,00.html

George Dutton said...

"Cheetham Hill Labour councillor, Afzal Khan"

Hmmm,now which word would I like to draw your attention too in the above. I will give you a clue it starts with an L.