Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Grey squirrels - a cause of global warming

I prefer positive action that requires effort on my behalf rather than paying conscience money. So when it comes to off setting carbon emissions from flying, I like to grow trees! From scratch! Last year, to offset a flight to Cuba and another to Turkey, I collected 10 acorns and 10 conkers. The plan was to plant them, get them to grow and after a few years, get them planted in people's gardens. We did this with one conker as an experiment a couple of years ago with the result we now have a 20cm high horse chestnut tree growing in a pot.

I asked Richard to plant the acorns and conkers over the weekend in seed trays in our garden in London. This job was duely carried out, along with planting a load of runner beans as well.

Having just stepped out of the flat this morning to inspect the seed trays, all carefully positioned on the garden wall, I found that the local grey squirrels have had a feast of it. They weren't impressed with the runner beans on the menu and simply dug them up and left them scattered around. But the acorns and conkers made a fine feast and they have polished off the lot.

Grey squirrels - cute looking rats with furry tales, and regulars at the Wallace Restaurant for Fat Rodents. Back to the drawing board on carbon offsetting.

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