Saturday, October 06, 2007

Blogging from the bath: Brown covered in the brown stuff

I am still suffering from surprise, so much so that having just edited another video for constituents and loaded it onto YouTube ready for the coming week's email newsletter, I have taken to a soothing, relaxing bath.

What I find surprising is that Brwon let so much speculation run riot about an election that a climbdown was almost inconceivable. Having done all the preparations, brought forward the announcements, done the expensive (and ilconceived) taxpayer funded election rally in Baghdad, relaunched for the goodness knows how many times the Crossrail scheme, and done nothing to suggest an election would not be called, Brown backs down on the basis of a Tory poll bounce his stupidity helped to create in the first place.

I was strongly of the view that a political leader so allegedly astute as Brown would never let a hare running like this. The idiot has now achieved the opposite of what he intended to do. He has strengthened Cameron at a time when Cameron was on the ropes. Having relied on his opponents to do further damage to themselves (never rely on your opponents to help you win elections - other than Labour assistance to Thatcher in 1983) because of a threat of a general election, Sham Cam has come out as the one who appears (note only appears) to be the one strong enough to win an election, when the reality is that the Tories are very far from winning an election at all. Brown has done a midas touch in reverse. He touched gold and saw it turn to lead.

One of our key messages which we pump out from the Communications Unit is that Brown is more spin than substance. If anyone doubts that now, just look at the last couple of weeks. The spun was spun out of control and got a life of its own and it has just kicked its creator well and truely in the nether region. So Lib Dem campaigning should constantly remind voters of spinning Brown. People have the experience now to agree with it.

So Brown let Brown hit the fan and Labour are now covered in the brown stuff. No number of hot baths for them will get rid of the reek of Brown and his fatal error of judgement. Take decisions on the basis of short term political again and you deserve to be washed down the drain.

Meanwhile where's my plastic duck!?

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