Friday, October 12, 2007

Ripping apart another Labour lie

Labour in my ward have made the absurd and outrageous claim that Lib Dem Newcastle introduced a recycling policy that immediately had to be reverse at the cost of millions of pounds. The claim appeared in a leaflet they delivered last week (they clearly thought there was an election about to happen!) So I checked with John Shipley, leader of Newcastle Council, to ask him what Labour were on about.

It turns out Labour have made the whole thing up. No policy has been reversed and no millions have been wasted. Indeed, it turns out that Newcastle are pressing ahead with one of the most advanced recycling schemes going which puts Labour Gateshead well in the shade.

These claims come from the same party that claimed in the local elections they were against parking charges in Whickham village centre, after having voted to introduce them! The same party claimed this year that Whickham Comprehensive School was going to be replaced with a new school immediately - the story was complete rubbish and was even denied by the council's education department. The same party claimed to be against building flats on a particular location in my ward and then a couple of weeks later voted for them.

So if you want to see hypocritical, duplicitous, dishonest Labour in action, come to Gateshead where Labour are currently showcasing their worst characteristics.

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