Monday, October 08, 2007

I was expecting not to return

I am on the train to London now. I had expected to be heading down and not returning home for a month. But then Brown called off the election and I haven't any return tickets booked for Friday! Better book up something when I get to the office. I guess that when I get to Cowley Street, my office move planned for today will not go ahead. Indeed, I can envisage having to help move out the furniture I helped put into the war room on Friday!

Meanwhile, this train is delayed due to a points problem north of Newcastle. We are approaching Peterborough and people are desperate to get off the train to catch the train to Stansted. They're all swarming up the train to coach D so that they are closer to the footbridge. They have about 10 seconds to catch the Stansted train once we come to a halt at Peterborough.

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