Thursday, October 04, 2007

Rumours of a Tory poll bounce

There are rumours whizzing round the blogoshere of a Tory bounce in the polls. Ian Dale' blog ( talks of rumours of Channel 4's Yougov poll showing Labour's lead dropping to 3 points and the Guardian has a poll tomorrow showing a 3 point Tory lead.

So just when we thought it was a done deal and the starting pistol was being loaded, are all election bets off?

This is like waiting for the launch of the space shuttle! Lots of preparation, it's sitting on the launch pad in full glare of the cameras, everyone is waiting for the roar of the engines as the countdown gets closer to zero. The final possible mission-abort point is 4 second before ignition. I feel we are at about 8 seconds to go and suddenly Mission Controller Brown's finger is hovering above the abort button.

What he doesn't want to do is let it go ahead and then 60 seconds into the flight, tell the crew, "Labour Challenger, you can go throttle up".

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