Friday, October 12, 2007

Jam tomorrow

I am on the train heading home now. Tomorrow is Northern Regional conference. I have a stall there selling of all things the latest products from my jam range. The region takes the profits! My jams appear to be in demand. Cowley St today was down to the last scrapings from the last jar in the fridge and there were polite requests that more should be broughts in next week. And the other evening I was asked to donate a set of jars as a prize for the raffle at the annual ball!

This weekend, if I have time, I will make sloe jam. Not one I've tried before but there is a good supply of fruit. If I get round to making it, I guess Cowley St will be the guinea pigs to try it out. Mind you, I am never short of volunteers there!

2 hours to go before I get to Newcastle. The buffet car has just been closed and the trolley service is not serving hot drinks. Not the best situation to be in.

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