Friday, October 19, 2007

Late trains and videos

Yet again I got the 10pm train out of London but this time it was half an hour late. However, given we normally have the ridiculous half hour delay at York where passengers and crew transfer to a train on the next platform, at least tonight we won't have the hanging around. Whilst waiting to leave Kings Cross I managed to complete all 3 sudoku puzzles in the London Paper.

As a member of party staff I am (quite rightly) not allowed to give my views publicly on who I would like to see as leader. I do however have a number of videos of both candidates I have shot and put on my YouTube channel so at some point, assuming there is no third candidate in the offing, I will do a post with a link to each video. I hasten to add that the videos are all positive. There are a couple from the Sedgefield by election than didn't make it to YouTube and will now go up. It will allow people to compare styles.
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