Friday, May 21, 2010

The Eagle has flown the nest

I have just left Gateshead Council's annual meeting at which the Mayor was chosen. Outgoing mayor was John Eagle. Party politics aside, Gateshead has been blessed with a good crop of Mayors over the years. I think John however comes in at a category above that. So well done John for a first class year in office. He has now flown the nest and his place has been taken by Lamesley Councillor Michael Hood.

Michael is a very recent arrival on the council. He was first elected 2 years ago so I know little of him. (He is Labour - you have to be Labour in Gateshead if you want to be mayor.) So good luck to him. I don't know whether or not he reads my blog but plenty Labour councillors in Gateshead do (though they often deny it!) and I am sure they will pass on my best wishes to him.

Anyway, I have a weekend of filming on location in North Wales coming up. I am on the train heading there now. I also have to go to a friend's wedding. I don't do wedding photos, but I have made an exception this time. The wedding is in Llandudno.

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