Monday, May 31, 2010

Lawsless politics is good for no one

The Daily Telegraph's agenda is clear. They oppose the Coalition and want a return to old style confrontational politics. They are part of an informal alliance of the Tory Right and Tribal Labour who are desperate for the Coalition to fail. Both sides of this unholy but shared outlook fear they will be shut out of power if the liberal consensus around which the government has reached agreement is successful. It is therefore in their own interest (but not the national interest) that the Coalition fails. Personally, I think Tribal Labour and their Tory Right friends will be disappointed.

The loss of David Laws is a blow. The government however is bigger than one person. Depending on the outcome of the Standards Committee investigation, it is likely he will return. A person of his capabilities cannot be kept down for long.

Having been through the media meat grinder about my own sexuality (in which the Labour party played the homophobia card) I can understand what David Laws is going through in terms of his own private life. He will emerge a stronger person.

Lawsless politics is good for no one. The lawless confrontational politics of the old style is something the Telegraph, the Tory Right and Tribal Labour want to return to. Those who support the new cooperatives, partnership approach to government need to fight all the harder now to ensure the new politics is the winner.
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John said...

It is interesting though Jonathan that our MPs have to go through less hoops to get on the ballot paper than people who want to be local council candidates in my own borough for no-hope seats

Joe said...

Well it is good to see people who agree with me about this, this whole scandal was pulled out for the tory right and the telegraph to try and get a tory chief sec, the rest is in my blog.