Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The final countdown

The final day of the election campaign in Blaydon has been something of a whirlwind. A team was sent into Birtley this morning. I went with another team to Chopwell to deliver our final leaflet there. This afternoon teams were sent to Winlaton, Whickham and Dunston Hill. I went with another team to Rowlands Gill where 6 of us delivered much of the town. Then on to Highfield.

There we saw (and heard) a Labour loudspeaker car. The last time I used a loudspeaker in an election was back in the 90s. I am now of the opinion that they are a complete waste of time and manpower. Firstly, people often can't here them through their double glazing and din of the tv. Secondly, people who do hear them are not always impressed by being disturbed.

Quite what Labour thought would be the benefit of using them on a Wednesday afternoon is beyond me. It's not as if people are voting today. At a push I could reluctantly believe there was a place for loudspeakers through the day on polling day but even then I would rather put the resources into more effective forms of communication. Nevertheless, I have no problem with Labour ploughing time, effort, money and manpower into such an ineffective form of campaigning.

One final point: I stopped to listen to the loudspeaker messages and couldn't work out what was said. The in a way sums up Labour.
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