Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Labour presses the panic button in Blaydon

Oh, this is classic! Labour reveal to the world they really are in a state of panic in Blaydon. You always know when they have hit the panic button. It's when they put out leaflets claiming it is a 2 horse race in Blaydon between Labour and Conservatives. Last time, the Conservatives got only 8%. Desperate or what? Talk up the Tory vote to save Labour skins.

The reality is that the Conservatives have virtually given up here and Labour are in a mad panic. The Lib Dems were 5500 behind Labour last time. The 2005 result was Labour on 20,000, Lib Dems on 14,500 and Conservatives on 3000. If it is neck and neck, it's between Lib Dems and Labour in Blaydon.

What we know however is that Labour are desperate for the Conservatives to do well here. And if that means Labour talking up the Conservative vote, they won't shy away from doing it.
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Anonymous said...

"Labour are desperate"

I can confirm this with exclusive footage off Dave Anderson (online) trying to get people to vote for him...


Anonymous said...

Blood...It`s the only thing RED about Dave.

Anonymous said...

"It's when they put out leaflets claiming it is a 2 horse race in Blaydon between Labour and Conservatives."


I am a stickler for honesty. So could you explain why Dave Anderson clearly states on his leaflet...

"Staying at home, voting Lib Dem or any other party, will let the Tories win."

"Many think voting Lib Dem is a safe option-but Nick Clegg has refused to rule out backing the Tories in a hung Parliament"

You seem to be saying that Dave Anderson is saying something he is not. He is talking about the Lib Dems backing the Tories. Are you twisting things around?, trying to mislead us?.

Would you please correct your post.

Anonymous said...

The Lib Dems talking to the Tories about letting them into power...Oh! dear...

The true face of the Lib Dems.

My advice is,Lib Dems should not enter into any formal pact with anyone, but should remain in opposition to a minority Conservative and Unionist government.

Still it proved what we knew would happen...it also appears at this stage that Dave Anderson told us the truth and the Lib Dems...can`t bring myself to say it...lol.