Sunday, May 02, 2010

Gameshow hosts and Labour's celebrity leaflet

So, Gordon Brown calls Nick Clegg a "gameshow host" rather than a prospective Prime Minister. Brown therefore has no time for celebrities. And by coincidence yesterday, people in Blaydon constituency received a national mailing from Labour which as a leaflet entirely based on celebrity endorsements. Patrick Stewart is boldly going where no politician has gone before, this time in alliance with the Klinghons, given Gordon Brown's propensity to cling on to power. Tony Robinson from Time Team is backing Labour (again). Perhaps he should be appearing in Time Up For Labour Team.

Anyway, I've been out leafletting today in my own ward, covering a couple of patches where our deliverers are away. We are in the office now and about to head off to a meeting.

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kevin scott said...

But the Lib Dems have Harry Potter!

Katielouu said...

But J.K Rowling's backing Labour!

Anonymous said...

and without J.K Rowling there would be no Harry Potter