Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hurricane Brexit heads for Britain

There is a severe weather warning as Hurricane Brexit heads for the UK's shores. Landfall is expected in March 2019 and there are fears of widespread damage. The effects of the hurricane can already be felt with stormy economic seas resulting in the sinking of the pound. While Brexit is tearing up the country, Britain is expected to be cut off from Europe. In expectation of the arrival of the hurricane, many skilled workers have already evacuated themselves to the safety of Europe, putting a severe strain on public services, especially the NHS which is yet to receive its promised £350 million a week. Severe damage to the economy is anticipated and battered Britons are strongly advised to batten down the hatches. The bad news doesn't end there as those emerging from the wreckage after the storm could be subjected to a "fact-finding" tour of disaster-hit areas by Boris Johnson.

You've been warned: be prepared for the dangers ahead.

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