Wednesday, February 28, 2007

30,000 viewing on YouTube

Last night the overall number of viewings of videos on my YouTube channel reached 30,000. My first video went up in late June and I am now getting about 350 viewings a day.

There are 132 videos on the channel and admittedly the majority I shot whilst travelling abroad. Needless to say, they have more viewings than the political and local news ones I have put on the channel. Nevertheless, the viewing figures of my local videos, the links to which are sent to constituents, are rising.

My most viewed local news/politics video is about an opencast scheme proposed for my ward with just over 900 viewings. But it is the only one in the top 10:

Copacabana 2740
Pyramids and Sphinx 2240
Soviet Submarine Base 1488
Samba 1218
Santiago de Cuba1069
London Eye 937
Opencast 903
Orang utans in Borneo 795
Tango, Buenos Aires 758
Petronas Towers 745


Highwaylass said...

Hi Jonathan,

These are great figures! My most popular YouTube epic has scored 554, which I thought was great for a film about diesel spills - until I saw your post :(

The lycra-clad lovelies which YouTube chose as the display icon for my clip may have helped boost the figures, I fear ;)

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