Monday, February 12, 2007

Labour haven't quite understood leafletting

This little gem was emailed to me yesterday by Chris Ord one of our councillors in Gateshead. He said Labour had put out a leaflet in Lobley Hill and Bensham ward inviting people to meet their councillors at a meeting they were holding. "What's the problem with that?" I hear you all ask. Well, the leaflet came through the door on Sunday for a meeting held on Saturday, the day before! They haven't really understood leafletting despite having represented this area for generations - though with a 92 majority in the ward, we intend changing that unbroken run of representation in May!

Our campaign there is certainly picking up steam. Our candidate Susan Craig is getting plenty of casework calls from constituents. She was out for quite a bit yesterday doing casework. The Focus leaflets are getting a good response as well, as is the one we put out in the neighbouring Dunston and Teams ward, though that one was designed only for a limited area. The ward wide Focus will follow soon.

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