Monday, February 05, 2007

A quick Focus photo on way to catch the train

David had to defrost the car before we left the house. Due to roadworks on our normal route, we took a detour through Dunston. This was a useful change as I was able to take a few quick photos for a forthcoming Focus.

Talking of which, much of Dunston lies within the Dunston and Teams ward. This is where we had the byelection last year which was held by Labour but where the BNP failed to live up to their expectations of winning their first seat on Tyneside. (They came third though they were ahead of the Tories.) Our candidate Michael Ruddy, is keen to continue working the ward so we have bumped it up the target list so that it can get some extra help from us. We've just done a petition there, on a phone mast, and had 160 signatures in one weekend. And another 20 or so email addresses came in which means its now worthwhile giving more coverage to Dunston and Teams ward issues in our email newsletter that goes to people in the Team Valley area.

Anyway just got onto the train to head to London. Over and out.
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