Friday, February 09, 2007

Do you want you photo taken with Nick Clegg at conference?

Would you like a photograph for your local Focus of yourself with Lib Dem Shadow Home Secretary Nick Clegg, discussing your local crime survey results?

Nick has generously set aside an hour at Harrogate conference for this. If you're interested this will take place between 5pm and 6pm Saturday, in the central foyer of the conference centre, at the bottom of the spiral ramp, next to the doors facing the hotel. I will be there in my Political Communications Unit role to take photos (which we will email to you), but you can bring your own photographer as well if you like. This is open to all local Lib Dem campaigners, not just PPCs. No need to book but it would be helpful if you could email me ( to let me know you will be coming, so we can gauge the level of interest.


mr said...

Why would anyone want a photo taken with him? :

I'd rather have a hole in my head.

Jonathan Wallace said...

I'm sure if you want a hole in the head, someone could arrange one for you!

mr said...

Read these and then decide who's nasty:,,2061694,00.html