Monday, February 26, 2007

Trident web forum

If I have any criticism of the way we make policy in the Lib Dems then it is focused on the period between the puublication of a policy paper or conference motion and the actual conference debate. In the past I have wondered how much informed discussion and debate has taken place at a grassroots level before the full conference debate is held.

So the decision to hold a web forum tonight with Nick Harvey, our defence spokesman, about the future of the Uk's nuclear deterrent is a sensible move. Well, I suppose I would say that given I helped run the previous web forums we held on Royal Mail and tax! The serious point is that whether or not you support the FPC proposals for halving the number of warheads, and taking a decision on whether or not to replace the submarines after we know the outcome of the 2010 Nuclear Non Proliferation talks, you can raise questions directly with the person who will, if the policy is agreed, have to speak for it in Parliament.

So if you support the motion, support the amendment, are undecided or just want to see what the issues are, the forum will be worth a visit tonight.

I would put the link here but I don't have it with me as I'm currently on the train heading to London from Newcastle!


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