Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Disappearing jam and reappearing photos

I checked the fridge in Cowley St just before leaving at 9pm. Jam has nearly all gone! I expected it to last a little longer given people are away on holiday, but the jam addicts have had multiple fixes!

One thing I did do tonight was to put more of the photos I took last year at the Sedgefield by-election onto Facebook. I warned a few weeks ago that I was likely to get hooked on Facebook. Alas it has happened. As for all my virtual friends, check out the additional photos. After all, many of you are tagged in them! The ones I put up last night have already experienced an invasion of people reviving old memories and tagging those I had missed!

Meanwhile, this is spooky - the couple next to me on the train are currently talking about.....Facebook. Virtual world is taking over the real world.

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