Friday, August 08, 2008

A weekend of food production coming up

I am sitting on the train at Kings Cross, waiting to head up to the North East for a weekend of food production and meeting constituents. There will be more details soon on my allotment blog of what my food production issues involve (anyone interested can check it out at towards the end of the weekend) but hopefully it will clear out the freezer of as much of the contents as possible, some of which have been there a little too long. Basically, we need the space. Last year we put a large quantity of produce into the freezer, including enough soft fruits to keep colleagues in jam for a significant length of time.

Meanwhile, I have been getting more and more addicted to Facebook. I did warn that this would happen. It is also a good place to post up my photos. And let's face it, I have quite a few! (BTW if you are on Facebook, look me up and be my 'virtual friend'!)

Anyway, I couldn't go by without another mention of the latest National Excess cock up. Yet again, the seat I booked is not the one I ordered. And no one yet has rid me of this incompetent train company.

This post has taken so long to write, (and rewrite) that we have now arrived at Stevenage. And in the meantime, I have had a call from Peter Maughan telling me how many signatures he has collected on the petition tonight to save Blackhall MIll Post Office from closure. He is handing in the signatures on Monday morning.

I'm now going to try to finish reading "Imperium" by Robert Harris. I started it weeks ago but have only had the chance to snatch odd minutes to read it since then. Here goes......
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