Thursday, August 21, 2008

Labour MPs dabbling with the Moonies and hypocrisy

I was greatly amused by Labour's latest edition of "Liberal Demolition", a document that is meant to be a weapon in the war against the Lib Dems and a copy of which I have just received. It is produced by John Spellar MP, who I suppose is meant to be Labour's chief attack dog on the Lib Dems. Judging by the shallow drivel he has pulled together, this is an attack dog with no teeth and suffers from a severe case of political mange.

What caught my interest was an article attacking Lib Dem Mayor of Watford, Dorothy Thornhill. This is what he wrote:

"The Lib Dems in Watford appear be in the good books of the Moonie cult. The Moonie run Universal Peace Federation shelled out for the Lib Dem Elected Mayor Dorothy Thornhill to visit the Middle East in January. This followed a trip made last year by her Lib Dem colleague Cllr Janet Baddeley to South Korea, Home of the Moonies, which was paid for by the same organisation."

Tut tut. Of course, no Labour member would ever ever ever take a freebie financed by the Moonie run Universal Peace Federation. Of course not, no no never ever ever......

Except of course for Mr David Anderson, friend and colleague of Attack Dog Spellar and Labour MP for Blaydon (where I happen to live).

Not only Dave, but Mrs Anderson too. The couple jetted off to Israel and Palestine in August 2007 for a "fact-findng" tour, all travel and accommodation kindly paid by the Moonie organisation that Dave's mate Spellar seems to dislike so much.

Alas, I didn't get a postcard from Dave.

Meanwhile, I can report that Attack Dog Spellar himself took a freebie visit to Israel and Palestine in February this year. Alas, it wasn't paid for by the Moonies, but rather by the Labour Friends of Israel but with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs subsidizing the hotel bills. In addition, the Palestinian Authority and Legislative Council stumped up for "hospitality".

Nice if you can get it.......

Meanwhile, watch this space over coming days as I dissect other claims this Labour hypocrit has made.

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Anonymous said...

Moon outspent anyone moving the USA’s political system far right. He did it using billions of overseas – often swindled - dollars, propping up and molding the new hard right conservative movement in the USA. Moon made the Bush Jr. presidency possible.

He is now working to add liberal’s scalps/souls to his belt by presenting himself as a peacemaker. Even though he mocks Jesus Christ as a loser, Moon has seduced hundreds of "Christian" ministers and has now rolled out the Universal Peace Federation which is the culmination of his grand plan to gather the world’s religious leaders and through them the world, under his influence. Moon believes he personally speaks for G-d, recently declaring his words to be G-d's.

The Bush family is every close to him. Bush Sr. has traveled the world for him. Neil Bush, the president’s brother, studies Moon’s ideology while traveling with Moon, promoting the UPF. Moon gave $250,000 to the Bush/Cheney inaugural – many feel not to just gain influence but to attain a pardon for his tax conviction in the USA.

Anyone taking anything from Moon needs to have their head’s examined. People try to use him as poltical battering ram every so often but, though he is a right wing extremist, he works both sides of the isle and liberals fall for it. Unfortunately, the media the world over gives him a pass, instead opting to act like he is either not there or some sort of a non influential clown. The media is blind, willfully ignorant.

This is what the first editor of the Moon owned Washington Times, James Whelan, said in 1991 – Whelan left the WT saying he had blood on his hands for helping to legitimize the Moon organization. All the world's polticians should pay close attention to this.

Anyone still wondering "What happened to the USA?" Moon did.

Quoting Whelan:

"They (the Moonies) are subverting our political system. They're doing it through front organizations--most of them disguised--and through their funding of independent organizations--through the placement of volunteers in the inner sanctums of hard-pressed organizations. In every instance--in every instance--those who attend their conferences, those who accept their money or their volunteers, delude themselves that there is no loss of virtue because the Moonies have not proselytized. That misses the central, crucial point: the Moonies are a political movement in religious clothing. Moon seeks power, not the salvation of souls. To achieve that, he needs religious fanatics as his palace guard and shock troops. But more importantly, he needs secular conscripts--seduced by money, free trips, free services, seemingly endless bounty and booty--in order to give him respectability and, with it, that image of influence which translates as power."