Saturday, August 02, 2008

I was blocked for a day

My blog was silent yesterday for the odd reason that it was locked by the Blogger "robot" on the grounds that it had "exhibited characteristics of a spam blog". I had to request that is be unblocked, and once this was made, a real person at Blogger had to check it. Seems as though this has now been done. My blog about local Labour hypocrisy, rants about National Express and taking jam to Cowley St did not rate as spam. They may rate as something unspeakable in the minds of the readers with political affiliations different to my own, but I doubt they would call it spam.

So here I am, back into production, slightly irritated that I could not broadcast (other than on Facebook) about the wonderful, Tory crushing by-election victory that we achieved in Gateshead on Thursday. But more about that later.

In the meantime, a jam message to Cowley St colleagues. I have just made 18 jars of gooseberry and raspberry jam so some will be heading to HQ soon. Inevitably there will be a video to go with this but I've only finished filming it and it needs to be edited. And to save you the hassle, I'll be putting it on my allotment blow:, rather than on this blog.

Anyway, coming up shortly, yet another video! This one about the byelection.

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