Sunday, August 17, 2008

Photos of Georgia

I visited Georgia in October 2006. Recent events there have focused international attention on what is a small and largely unknown country which is trying to escape the clutches of its former Russian rulers, be they Tsarist or Soviet. So I thought I would post up a few of the photos I took when I was there. My brief visit was spent in Batumi, on the west coast just north of Turkey. The city to have avoided Russian attack.

Above, one of the reasons for going to Georgia was to visit the Roman fort of Gonio, on the coast.

I caused a considerable amount of interest and amusement when I went into the Batumi fish market and started to take photos. The ladies working there quickly understood I was after interesting pictures of fish and food (photographing markets is a hobby of mine).
Above, the view of Batumi harbour from the Batumi Botanical Gardens. The gardens are nearly 100 years old and contain a wide variety of mature tree species. The garden was established by the last Tsar, Nikolas.

Below, we were treated to a performance by local dancers and singers. Probably one of the best performances of traditional music and dancing I have experienced.

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