Monday, August 25, 2008

More on "Liberal Demolition" and that ridiculous little man John Pellar MP

Third in the long running saga about the ridiculous claims of John Spellar, Labour MP and self appointed Labour attack dog on the Lib Dems. The story so far... Little John Spellar has produced "Liberal Demolition" with all sorts of claims about the Lib Dems. So far he has attacked Lib Dem Mayor Dorothy Thornhill for taking a trip abroad financed by the Moonies whilst ignoring the fact that one of his colleagues and friends has taken the same trip financed by the same people. And then there was the attack on Lib Dems for supporting community justice panels at the same unfortunate time as the government is rolling out pilot schemes on, errr, yes you guessed it, community justice panels!

Now Attack Dog Spellar is having a go at the Lib Dems taking action to protect children from possible paedophiles. Turns out that a local council asked a woman to stop taking photos at a swimming pool because she might be a paedophile. "Southampton Lib Dems in paedophile hysteria" screamed the headline in Liberal Demolition. Quite surprising to find a Labour MP who does not want safeguards to protect children. But the most amazing thing is that Southampton is Conservative controlled. The Lib Dems do not, as Attack Dog claims, run Southampton City Council!

You can just imagine the next "Liberal Demolition" with screaming headlines such as "Lib Dem Russia invades Georgia", "Lib Dem China abused human rights in Tibet" or "Lib Dem run Britain backs illegal US invasion of Iraq". After all, Mr Spellar certainly doesn't let accuracy get in the way of a good story.

Apparently, Attack Dog Spellar used to be transport minister. Now you know why transport is in such a mess in the UK.

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Tristan said...

There is a lot of paedophile hysteria, most of which is ridiculous and harms children more than it protects them...

Would be good if Speller could get his facts right (is his seat under threat from a LibDem out of interest?)

kevin scott said...

I would believe the Lib Dems more about 'paedophile hysteria' if one of their London activists hadn't recently been convicted of such things.