Friday, August 22, 2008

"Liberal Demolition" - some more fun about Labour foolishness

I wrote yesterday about the hilarious attempt by Labour Attack Dog Little John Spellar, Labour MP for Self-Righteous Indignation Central, to have a go at the Lib Dems. And I promised I would reveal more about "Liberal Demolition", the, for want of a better term, comic he has produced which attempts to highlight alleged failings of the Lib Dems. Well, thanks to everyone who has been in touch. Here's the next installment.

Attack Dog Spellar has a go at Chris Huhne for being "soft on crime". And the stunning evidence for this claim - Lib Dems support community justice panels. Lib Dems rightly argue that in some instances, low level crime and anti social behaviour should be punished in the community which would be paid back for the damaged caused to it.

Labour it would therefore appear are totally against this plan. They would, it would seem for Spellar, never ever ever endorse community justice.

So the community justice panels etc that the government is currently piloting must be something completely different. Errr, well no they are not. Yes, they started off as experiments by Lib Dem councils in the West Country. But they were working so well that the government picked up the idea and rolled it out to other areas.

So Attack Dog Spellar, we think you've done a bit of a whoopsie on that claim!

After attacking the Lib Dems on crime, Attack Dog then goes on to attack the Lib Dems for being, well, would you believe it, too tough on crime! He wrote:

"Lib Dem attempt at political point scoring puts defence jobs at risk - in Lib Dem towns!

"The Lib Dems in Westminster were quick to criticise the Serious Fraud Office for dropping its enquiry into BAE and its alleged dealings with Saudi Arabia. Do their Lib Dem colleagues in towns where BAE systems is an important employer, such as Leeds, Leicester, Hull, New Malden, Newcastle, portsmouth and Southampton agree with them?"

So Labour want to make low level crime and anti social behaviour hanging offences but want to let off those businessmen allegedly involved in major international fraud and conspiracy. Who is tough on crime now Attack Dog?

Anyway, more from this idiotic MP soon. Oh, and by the way, I will be digging up soon the list of Labour MPs who have supported community justice. But that's for after the bank holiday. I wonder which of my usual suspects will be on that list?

I can't wait for the next edition of "Liberal Demolition".

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