Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Harriet Harman, fingernails and blackboards

My ears are still recovering from Deputy Leader's Question Time. The more the Lady Harriet got wound up, the more shrill was her tone. There were times when I thought she was simply going to explode and MPs were going to get showered by her aristocratic blue blood. Alas, it was bad news for the Labour Party - she survived to live another day, and, of course, mount a leadership bid if Labour loses the election. Nevertheless, having sounded like Margaret Thatcher in best hectoring and shrill mode, she did manage to mount a minor comeback part way through PMQs. Perhaps we should call it a Harriet Bounce.

Listening to her screaching away left like listening to someone scratching fingernails down a blackboard. Let's just hope she wins any leadership bid. She really would scare the horses!

I'm on the train heading back home now to Gateshead, having spent the day making photo op props. We had an extra volunteer in the office today so I made full use of the extra labour. I have 5 photo ops this weekend at Lib Dem conference with Nick Clegg, Lorely Burt, Vince Cable,Chris Huhne and David Laws.

Tomorrow we have full council (last week's meeting was for setting the budget.) And on Friday I'm off to Harrogate for the conference. So no chance for me to hide away down on the allotment.
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Anonymous said...

"The Handbrake Turns of Harriet Harman"...

Let us not forget her other half...

What a nice couple they make.Made for each other you could say.

LibCync said...

Ah, not just me then:

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