Friday, March 06, 2009

Leaving behind the wheelbarrow puncture repairs to go to Harrogate

I am on the traiin heading south to York where I change for the local service to Harrogate. Surprisingly, given the time of day, the service is packed out. The overhead racks are full and I have half my luggage, and my homemade sandwiches on my lap. I would have tried to read the self-sufficiency handbook I brought along for the journey but frankly, I'm going to have a battle to retrieve it from my bag.

Meanwhile, I've left David at home with a puncture repair kit, mending the tyres on both our wheelbarrows! (Yes we are a 2 wheelbarrow household!) And as this is a conference weekend, I will be missing my time on the allotment. Still, I paid it a brief visit yesterday after council and looked lovingly on my new greenhouse and fruitcage.

Meanwhile, stashed away in my luggage are some rhubarb plants which are surplus to requirements in Sunniside and will be planted instead in our garden in London. I wonder if they will go with the green custard which was showered on Peter Mandelson this morning.

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