Monday, March 23, 2009

Making sure of a good stuffing

The first wild crops of the year are now available and amongst them is wild garlic. I picked a bag full from one of the local woods on Saturday. First on my list of recipes was wild garlic pesto. We had it with home made pasta on Saturday. This was the first outing for our pasta machine. All worked very well.

Our newish environmental regime means meat is eaten on only special occasions. So celebrating the end of winter and the start of spring was, to us, a suitable occasion. This event may have little or no meaning to the vast majority of people who rely on the supermarket for their food supply but for those of us who are aiming to be self-sufficient, such days have much more relevance and importance.

So, this was a meat weekend. And out of the freezer came three pheasants which we had previously swapped for jars of jam. Having previously plucked them, now was the time to stuff them. I made a stuffing which included wild garlic and some of our home grown herbs. It was a bit expeimental, but it worked well.

Inevitably, I will be producing a video shortly on cooking with wild garlic. And if you want to follow our attempts to become self-sufficient, go to my other blog
It is not yet updated for the weekend's activities but it will be soon.
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