Friday, March 27, 2009

Nearly missing the train home/what's coming up

The Victoria Line was in a mess tonight. It took 30 min to get from Victoria to Kings Cross. I nearly missed the train. Fortunately I had built in enough time (just) to catch the train - I'm on it now,heading back to the North East.

Tomorrow I managed to double book myself. We have a fair in Crawcrook in the morning where I am running the jam stall (yes it really is a case of jam tomorrow!) But at the same time I am supposed to be doing a survey with constituents. So I will drop off David at Crawcrook, leave him to sell jam, then go off to do the survey, then go back to Crawcrook, then do the Blaydon constituency meeting, then head back home and spend the afternoon on the allotment. I've also got a video to make as well on cooking with wild foods - more wild garlic but possible nettle, dandilion and hawthorn.

And a weekend wouldn't go by without writing a Focus.

Talking of food as I was a moment ago, as I was late to Kings Cross, I didn't have time to get an M&S overpriced sandwich. I'll have to get one of National Express's overpriced ones instead. However, the trolley on the train has no veggie sandwiches. Seems as though I'll have to make a trip to the buffet car instead. Either that or break my environmental rule about not eating meat except on special occasions.
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Anonymous said...

March 28, 2009

"FCO Finally Admits To Receiving Intelligence From Torture"

"This is the most important blog post I have ever made. I would be grateful if you could do everything in your power to disseminate a link to anyone you know who has the remotest interest in human rights - or should have. This blog will be silent for a few days now"

"Tucked away at Page 15 of its annual Human Rights report, the FCO has finally made a public admission of its use of intelligence from torture. Despite the Orwellian doublespeak about "unreserved condemnation of torture", this is the clearest statement the government has ever made that it, as a policy, employs intelligence from torture"...