Monday, March 30, 2009

The Monday Morning Blog no. 2 - the Jacqui Smith blue movie cock up!

You couldn't make this stuff up! According to the Home Secretary, it was all just a terrible mistake, just one big cock up. Perhaps Jacquie Smith thought blue movies were Tory party political broadcasts. And let's face it, you have to be a bit of a sado-masocists to enjoy such televisual delights!. Mr Smith however has been subjected to humiliation and forced to make a submissive apology by his dominant partner. It's clear who has the whip hand in that relationship. And she is in charge of the police as well. Just think of the uniforms!

Putting aside the individual viewing habits of the Smith family for a moment, serious questions have to be asked about what the additional cost allowance can pay for. The house in Redditch is clearly the family home of the Smith family. "Two Homes" Secretary Mrs Smith claims her main home is her sister's house in London. Conveniently, that allows her to claim the running costs of her Redditch home on her allowance. And that means the taxpayer is footing the bill for her husband. Why the taxpayer should pick up his costs is beyond me. The Smiths may say that they are paying back the costs of his pay-to-view porn, but why the hell should the taxpayer pick up the cost of any of his tv viewing, blue or not?

I accept that there are additional costs incurred when someone is elected for a constituency outside London. There needs to be some reflection of this in how MPs are paid and recompensed, though MPs are already well paid. (And as a minister whose husband is her constituency secretary, the Smith household is on a significant 6 figure income.) Perhaps the solution is to scrap the allowance and make a change to the pay of MPs.

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toronto real estate said...

It is a knows fact that the politicians are overpaid in general. What is all this "claiming expenses" nonsense? Why can't be politicians paid and simply live from their salary like everyone else?

Claiming expenses for 2 porn films was simply a mistake and there's no need to keep on about it (though the media obviously think something completely different). What troubles me more is the fact that this expenses system is getting out of hand, and I could be talking about UK, Canada or USA - it wouldn't make a difference.

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Andy Swaddle said...

I agree and very well paid they are too. Fair enough meals and lodgings but certainly not second homes and porn. They are fleecing the taxpayer, for everything they can, whilst this country still has a taxpayer. Get shot of the lot of them, and vote in a party that has in it's constitution ''that all elected members will only draw a salary and necessary expenses''.


Andy Swaddle.

Andrea Cave said...

We have seen Nick Clegg calling for round the table talks with Gordon Brown and David Cameron in order to resolve the issue of MP's expenses once and for all, in the face of increasing public anger and MP's humilliation. David Cameron calling for the issue of MP's expenses to be resolved before we go into the next general election to prevent this happening during the next parliament.

Very publicly creditable comments guys - but I'm not holding my breath. Is anyone?