Monday, March 16, 2009

The Monday Morning blog: spring is in the air

I know winter is more or less behind us when I get up on a Monday morning at 6.40am to catch the 7.40am train to London and it is day light outside. And so it was this morning, not that that made me want to get up. I only got at bed at 1am, having spent an age looking for a set of video clips on my pc, only to realise that I hadn't uploaded them from the video tape! They are of the Port of Tyne in North Shields, and include footage of the huge Nissan car park, full of new Nissan cars waiting to go for export. It was filmed back in November. Not so many head that way now.

Anyway, as I am now on the train to London, I am pleased to announce that today, National Express have failed to cancel the service! We are leaving Gateshead now.

So having had a weekend of digging up the allotment, helping people campaign against opencast mining applications, editing my conference video and meeting one of the candidates applying for Blaydon, I am heading off for a week in London of doing unspeakable things to opponents which, if you are on the Lib Dem Communications circulation list, you should have in your in box by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, I am going to catch up on my sleep. See you in London.
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